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Tuesday 28 January until Friday 31 January 2020

rile* x Batard

rile* x Batard

rile* bookshop will be at Beursschouwburg from 17:30 everyday during Batard 2020. On Thursday at 17:00 we will join Engagement Arts for a conversation around self-organization and publishing in the foyer of Beurs. Welcome! More info on

Friday 31 January 2020 (15h00)

Reading at Random or Turning The Page (or Singing Out of Doors)

Reading at Random or Turning The Page (or Singing Out of Doors)

Welcome for Simon Asencio's Reading at Random, hosted by rile*, presented by Batard Festival. "(...) A reading of and for multiple voices, to invoke figures, characters and myths from another time; a time prior to the formation of the author, prior to the narrative omniscience of the writer, prior to the internal voice of the individual reader." more

Saturday 1 February until Sunday 29 March 2020

rile* x Argos

rile* x Argos

rile* has been invited to participate in the next exhibition 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 / 1000 Bruxelles at Argos Arts, during which we will take over the bookshop at Argos with a new selection of publications and editions.

rile* , books

Queer Direct

Arcadia Missa - 12.00€ - in stock

Queerdirect is an LGBTQI+ Artist support network, curatorial platform and arts programme. Initiated by Gaby Sahhar in 2017. Co-run With Lily Cheetah. Queerdirect hold regular events and curate exhibitions around London and provide queer artists with a platform and support. Queerdirect is the UK’s first contemporary arts platform and project space dedicated to queer arts. This is the first edition, September 2019. A5 perfect bound publication, 81 pp., published by Queerdirect & Camp Books and featuring 31 LGBTQIA+ artists working in and around London.

States of the Body Produced by Love
Nisha Ramayya

Ignota Press - 16.00€ - in stock

States of the Body Produced by Love is a modern mystical journey through love – a many-headed snake twisting through devotion, sacrifice and the dream of returning home. 

In her visionary debut, Nisha Ramayya conjures an opalescent world by way of Tantric ritual and myth. Thousand-petalled lotuses bloom inside skulls, goddesses with dirty feet charm honeybees, strains of jazz standards bleed into anti-national anthems. States of the Body Produced By Love weaves essays, poetry and images together to offer fierce meditations on diasporic identity, language and resistance. From grief to bliss, this book explores the many states of the body seized by love in an incantation that never leaves its hold.

The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction
Ursula K. Le Guin

Ignota Press - 8.00€ - in stock

In The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, visionary author Ursula K. Le Guin tells the story of human origin by redefining technology as a cultural carrier bag rather than a weapon of domination.

Hacking the linear, progressive mode of the Techno-Heroic, the Carrier Bag Theory of human evolution proposes: ‘before the tool that forces energy outward, we made the tool that brings energy home.’ Prior to the preeminence of sticks, swords and the Hero’s killing tools, our ancestors’ greatest invention was the container: the basket of wild oats, the medicine bundle, the net made of your own hair, the home, the shrine, the place that contains whatever is sacred. The recipient, the holder, the story. The bag of stars. 

This influential essay opens a portal to terra ignota, where the possibilities of human experience and knowledge can be discovered anew. 

Ignota Diary 2020
Ignota (ed.)

Ignota Press - 18.00€ - in stock

The Ignota Diary is a tool for discovery in the practice of everyday life. This beautifully designed diary and week-to-view planner is filled with historically significant magical and sacred dates from around the world. Drawn from events such as the Buddha’s birthday, esoteric festivals and artistic and occult history, the diary touches on the lives of characters such as Ursula K. Le Guin, Zora Neale Hurston, Carl Jung, Simone Weil, Aleister Crowley, George Bataille, Timothy Leary, Hilma af Klint, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, William Blake and W.B. Yeats. 

The diary provides full astrological navigation for 2020 with an overview of the year, a birthchart template and guides to moon magic, houses, planets and symbols. Key transits, retrogrades and lunar phases, noted throughout the planner, allow you to organise your life in alignment with the astrological weather, visible at a glance. A global map showing sacred sites provides inspiration for transformative pilgrimages. 

Rituals by the acclaimed artist Jesse Darling and poets CAConrad, Bhanu Kapil and Nisha Ramayya and seasonal tarot spreads by practitioners including adrienne maree brown and Rachel Pollack, author of the bestselling tarot guide 78 Degrees of Wisdom, offer guidance and space for reflection throughout the year. Additional sources of inspiration include guides to Soji cleaning by Zen monk Shoukei Matsumoto, author of the bestseller A Monk's Guide to a Clean House and Mind, and guided meditation by Julian Vayne of the Psychedelic Museum. 

To support a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, an appendix contains guides to healing herbs, key acupressure points, the chakra system and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as a directory of key magical places, shops and websites

of sirens, body & faultlines
Nat Raha

Boiler House Press - 15.00€ - in stock

of sirens, body & faultlines is a book of prophecy against this Brexit era, rising from a post-2008 London, where crisis and austerity meet the vanity projects of the super-rich. Committed to the immediacy of a present that is precarious and under surveillance, of sirens... attends to queer, transfeminist and people of colour counter-memories and histories. It seeks new expressions of desire and modes of breath, pushing against the gravities that would rather these lives and worlds disappear. 

While arguing with the radio may seem futile, syntax, punctuation, grammar and the page must still all be mobilised to help create new conditions of possibility – for collectivity, for poetry to speak. Raha’s exceptional, experimental, queer lyric mobilises all aspects of language to reveal contradictions of capitalism and defuse populist rhetoric. This is a writing of city life against the flows to capital; labouring bodies speaking back to the demands of work and the fictions of xenophobic politicians. It concerns herstory, transfeminism, collectivity; the everyday of South East London, transformation and decolonisation, through counter-memories, anti-memoir, and a trans poetics.

Self Heal
Samantha Walton

Boiler House Press - 15.00€ - in stock

Self Heal brims with riotous and tender experimental lyrics on love, work, protest, and survival among haunted interiors and post-industrial landscapes. It explores processes of destruction and healing, testing the possibilities of self and collective care through meditations on poetic artifice and the architecture of identity, all with a thrilling linguistic strut and twinklings of mordant wit. 

Samantha Walton co-runs Sad Press, which specialises in chapbooks and small press editions, and has previously published five pamphlets including Animal Pomes with Crater Press. This is her debut collection.

Born in Flames
Kaisa Lassinaro (ed.)

Occasional Papers - 15.00€ - in stock

Born in Flames – the publication – is the complete authorised graphic translation of Lizzie Borden’s mythical 1983 film Born in Flames. Kaisa Lassinaro’s post-facto screenplay captures all the political energy and visual brilliance of Borden’s film, which describes a futuristic society (eerily similar to our own) where the achievements of a past revolution are threatened by reactionary sexist forces. 

The published version of Born in Flames allows for a frame-by-frame analysis of the film’s complex plot and soundtrack, with songs by The Bloods and Red Crayola. Included is an interview with Borden conducted by Lassinaro, in which the filmmaker looks back on the making of her film.

Handreading Studies
Valentina Desideri

Kunstverein Amsterdam - 25.00€ - in stock

For '​A Studio in Hand-Reading: Charlotte Wolff'​ Valentina Desideri transformed Kunstverein’s space into a Studio – a place that generates knowledge through different modes of being together. Throughout the exhibition, Desideri invited participants as well as visitors to gather for readings and in study. The Studio – and its bar – were open for readings during Kunstverein’s regular opening hours and punctuated by weekly contributions to the study by the invited guests and artists. 'Handreading Studies​' picks up where the project left off, bringing together a variety of materials and publications that were generated in or reverberated from the Studio.

Enn Gramaten
Natasha Soobramanien, Luke Williams

Book Works - 10.00€ - in stock

A cautionary tale of academic privilege and misadventure in Diego Garcia via a Kreole translation, and parallel live chat. 

Dialecty, conceived by Maria Fusco with The Common Guild, considers the uses of vernacular forms of speech and writing, exploring how dialect words, grammar and syntax challenge and improve traditional orthodoxies of critical writing.

Thresholds: A Prosody of Citizenship
Lisa Robertson

Book Works - 10.00€ - in stock

‘In De vulgare eloquentia, Dante developed a poetics of the vernacular – the collectively accessible speech of the household and the street, distributed unilaterally rather than intentionally acquired via a disciplined pedagogy of grammar, and transformed in open bodily exchange, irrespective of social position, gender or rank. “The vernacular,” Dante says, “[is] the language which children gather from those around them when they first begin to articulate words; or more briefly, that which we learn without any rules at all by imitating our nurses.” A vernacular is not structured according to a valuing hierarchy or an administration of history; it is improvised in tandem with the rhythmic needs and movements of a present-tense yet tradition-informed body among other bodies, each specific. There is no general vernacular; it is intrinsically grammarless. Vernacular speech can only ever begin and can never achieve closure. Refusing spatial propriety, it crisscrosses institutions. In Dante’s definition, it is what’s spoken by women and children, thus it is the first, and natural language: “The whole world uses it through its diverse pronunciations and forms”.’ – from Thresholds: A Prosody of Citizenship. 

Lisa Roberston’s reflection of political subject formation, through poetry and vernacular forms, acts as a critical anchor for the ideas and experiments published in this new series, Dialecty

Dialecty, conceived by Maria Fusco with The Common Guild, considers the uses of vernacular forms of speech and writing, exploring how dialect words, grammar and syntax challenge and improve traditional orthodoxies of critical writing.

Recipes For You
Holly White

Arcadia Missa - 12.00€ - in stock

Recipes for you: A vegan and gluten free recipe and story book with additional life skills is a new cookbook and survival guide by artist Holly White. Rather than selling an aspiration, the book looks honestly at our conflicted relationship with consumption. White intersperses recipes and self-sufficiency notes with prose, as the contributions collected on her food blog ( spark imagined and remembered references and memories.

How To Sleep Faster 9

Arcadia Missa - 14.00€ - in stock

The platform, free speech and contempt

Mother Reader
Moyra Davey (ed)

Seven Stories Press - 25.00€ - in stock

'My aim for Mother Reader has been to bring together examples of the best writing on motherhood of the last sixty years, writing that tells firsthand of the mother's experience.
Many of the writings in Mother Reader comment on and interpolate one another, in citations, in footnotes, in direct homage. As I was assembling this collection one text would lead to one another, treasure-hunt fashion, the clue provided by an acknowledgement or bibliography. And just as often the writing circles back.
In Mother Reader chapters are excerpted from autobiographies, memoirs, and novels; entries are lifted from diaries; essays and stories are culled from collections, anthologies, and periodicals. My project has been to assemble a compendium or sampler of these ''kindred spirit'' works on motherhood, so that readers, and especially mothers with limited time on their hands, can access in one volume the best literature on the subject and know where turn to continue reading." [Moyra Davey in the introduction]
Writings by Margaret Atwood, Susan Bee, Rosellen Brown,Myrel Chernick, Lydia Davis, Buchi Emeta, Annie Ernaux, Mary Gaitskill, Susan Griffin, Nancy Hutson, Mary Kelly, Jane Lazarre, Ursula Le Giun, Doris Lessing, Ellen McMahon, Margaret Mead, Vivian Montgomery, Toni Morrison, Tillie Olsen, Alicia Ostrker, Grace Paley, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, Sara Ruddick, Lynda Schor, Mira Schor, Dena Schottenkirk, Mona Simpson, Elizabeth Smart, Joan Snyder, Elke Solomon, Susan Rubin Suleiman, Alice Walker, Joy Williams, Martha Wilson, Barbara Zucker.

Frozen Tears III
John Russell (ed.)

Article Press - 17.00€ - out of stock

Texts By: Kristen Alvanson, Stuart Bailey, Stephen Barber, Mark & Steve Beasley, Karla Black, Marianna Botey, Jesse Bransford & Casey Mckinney, Charles Bronson, Paul Buck, David Burrows & Simon O'sullivan, Bonnie Camplin, Lisa Castagner, Ccru/Orphan Drift, Dennis Cooper, Michael Corris, Esther Planas, Karen Cunningham, Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, Michael Cross/ M Satai, John Cussans, Enrico David, Anthony Davies, Lorenzo De Los Angeles Iii, Madeline Djerjian, Peter Donaldson, Ross Downes, Electric Six, Patricia Ellis, John Espinosa, Dick Evans, Keith Farquhar, Dan Fox, Luca Frei, Barnaby Furnas & Ivette Zieghelboim, Tony Garifalakis, Babak Ghazi, Ilana Halperin, Mark Harris, Iain Hetherington, Damien Hirst, Klara Hobza, Stewart Home, Rachel Howe, Mark Hulson, Andy Hunt, Andrew Hughes, Gareth Jones, Kevin Killian, Kool Keith, Steve Klee, The Knockouts, Pete Lewis, Cedar Lewisohn, Fiona Lumbers, Patricia Macormack, Andrea Mason, Natt Mellors, Anna Mitchell, N.R.K Mohammad/ Sos Newsrod/ Dan Thurwen, Gean Moreno, Hv Morton, Donal Mosher, Neil Mulholland, Patrick Mullins, Yuki Muruyama, Reza Negarestani, No Bra, Paul Noble, Bernard Noel, David Osbaldeston/Joe Devlin, Arthur Ou, Mike Pare, Chloe Piene, Esther Planas, Elizabeth Price, Adam Putnam, Harry Pye, Hillary Raphael, The Rebel, Steve Rushton/Hubert Czerepok, Amelia Saul/Jo-Ey Tang, Kenji Siratori, Craig Slee, Alison Smith, Emma Stark, John Strutton, Francis Summers, Rebecca Taylor, Simon Thompson, Mark Tichner, Ian Titus, Dan Torop, Jeffrey Vallance, Harlan D Wilson, Benny Zadik.

Stray: A Graphic Tone
Shannon Ebner, Susan Howe, Nathaniel Mackey

Roma Publications - 18.00€ - in stock

A fourteen-track vinyl LP featuring poems of American poets Susan Howe (b. 1937) and Nathaniel Mackey (b. 1947) as produced by visual artist Shannon Ebner. Juxtaposing historic and recent material from 1991 until 2018, the work brought together here examines the two writer’s lifelong preoccupation with subjects adrift in narratives of dispossession both real and imagined. Liner notes contain excerpts of original interviews as well as reproductions of the poets’ published materials.

According to Ebner, “STRAY: A GRAPHIC TONE is the full-length version of what I started in 2016 when I began seeking exchanges with these two poets. I was drawn to their works for their experiments with poetic form – for their politics of poetic form, to be exact – for their poems’ stray figures and stray errant marks.”

Sinister Wisdom nr. 80
Sinister Wisdom

Sinister Wisdom - 7.00€ - out of stock

Willing Up and Keeling Over. A Lesbian Handbook on Death Rights and Rituals

With Love
Will Holder (ed.)

uh books - 10.00€ - in stock

“With Love,” takes correspondence and calligraphy—or letter-writing—as model for information theory, and adaptive, cybernetic relations.

How I Became One of the Invisible
David Rattray

Semiotext(e) - 18.00€ - in stock

The only collection of Rattray's prose: essays that offer a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition. Since its first publication in 1992, David Rattray's How I Became One of the Invisible has functioned as a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition running through Western civilization from Pythagoras to In Nomine music to Hölderlin and Antonin Artaud. Rattray not only excavated this tradition, he embodied and lived it. He studied at Harvard and the Sorbonne but remained a poet, outside the academy. His stories "Van" and "The Angel" chronicle his travels in southern Mexico with his friend, the poet Van Buskirk, and his adventures after graduating from Dartmouth in the mid-1950s. Eclipsed by the more mediagenic Beat writers during his lifetime, Rattray has become a powerful influence on contemporary artists and writers. Living in Paris, Rattray became the first English translator of Antonin Artaud, and he understood Artaud's incisive scholarship and technological prophecies as few others would. As he writes of his translations in How I Became One of the Invisible, "You have to identify with the man or the woman. If you don't, then you shouldn't be translating it. Why would you translate something that you didn't think had an important message for other people? I translated Artaud because I wanted to turn my friends on and pass a message that had relevance to our lives. Not to get a grant, or be hired by an English department." Compiled in the months before his untimely death at age 57, How I Became One of the Invisible is the only volume of Rattray's prose. This new edition, edited by Robert Dewhurst, includes five additional pieces, two of them previously unpublished.

Nathalie Rozanes

Soiree Berkson - 12.00€ - in stock

La fiction réparatrice
Émilie Notéris

Éditions Supernova - 15.00€ - in stock

Mettant au travail un concept esquissé par la théoricienne Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick (qui opère la distinction entre lecture paranoïaque et lecture réparatrice, cette dernière refusant de séparer le blanc des faits du jaune de l’imagination), ce livre se soutient d’une conviction : lorsqu’elle entend partir de la non-effectivité sexe-genre pour libérer, non seulement notre manière d’envisager les identités sexuelles, mais bien la façon de penser le monde, la théorie queer communique avec de multiples avancées parallèles qui, dans les sciences sociales et la philosophie contemporaines, entendent de même se frayer un chemin à travers les clivages et les dualismes entre nature et culture, corps et esprit, monde imaginaire et monde réel, individu et communauté.

I am Bartleby the scrivener by Herman Melville
Kristien Van den Brande

Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine - 10.00€ - in stock

For the project Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine a group of people/ performers memorize a book of their choice. Together they form a library collection consisting of living books. After years of learning by heart and reciting for readers, some of the books have now been written down from memory to create new editions, versions resulting from this process. This book is one of those books, chosen by one person, learned by heart and recited many times, and now written down again from memory. This edition is not a re-edition of the original text. It is a re-writing of the text after the process of reading, memorizing and reciting, with all the alterations that might have occured in the course of this process.

Lyn Hejinian

Tuumba Press - 12.00€ - out of stock

Written between November 20, 2000, and September 24, 2001, SLOWLY explores a longer breath than Hejinian's previous poetry, and a more variable, percussive rhythm than her previous prose. The distinction between Sentences and Lines; that which pitches a work towards poetry or secures it within prose, is more difficult here than before, and whatever it is, it stops. It backs up and picks a new direction: "A pelican becomes a cloud, a cloud becomes / a wire, a wire binds Shostakovitch to the stained wall / of a small room becoming this in other words that / becoming my decision And how!"

Notes from a Feminist Killjoy
Erin Wunkler

BookThug - 20.00€ - in stock

Following in the tradition of Sara Ahmed (the originator of the concept “feminist killjoy”), Wunker brings memoir, theory, literary criticism, pop culture, and feminist thinking together in this collection of essays that take up Ahmed’s project as a multi-faceted lens through which to read the world from a feminist point of view.

Frozen Tears I
John Russell (ed.)

Article Press - 17.00€ - out of stock

Texts By: Art & Language, Fabienne Audéoud, Dave Beech, David Burrows, Ccru, Jake Chapman, John Cussans, Johnny Golding, Inventory, Martin Mcgeown, Lucy Mckenzie, Esther Planas, Graham Ramsay, John Russell, Clara Ursitti, Andrew Williamson.

I. about
rile* is a bookshop and project space for publication and performance. rile* is into poetry, theory, choreography, artist writing and various other text based experiments. rile* organizes performances, meetings, launches, readings and workshops. rile* is the base word for silence in Laadan, a feminist constructed langauge developed by Suzette Haden Elgin in 1982. Laadan was designed specifically to determine if development of a language aimed at expressing the views of women would shape a culture; a subsidiary hypothesis was that Western natural languages may be better suited forexpressing the views of men than women. The language was included in her science fiction Native Tongue series. Láadan contains a number of words that are used to make unambiguous statements that include how one feels about what one is saying. According to Elgin, this is designed to counter male-centered language's limitations on women, who are forced to respond I know I said that, but I meant this.

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