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My Mother LaughsChantal AkermanSilver Press  -   16 eurosIn 2013, the filmmaker Chantal Akerman's mother was dying. She flew back from New York to Brussels to care for her, and between dressing her, feeding her and putting her to bed, she wrote. She wrote about her childhood, the escape her mother made from Auschwitz but didn't talk about, the difficulty of loving her girlfriend, C., her fear of what she (...)
On Pillow TalkDeborah BirchÇAVAQUOI PRODUCTIONS  -   5 eurosOn Pillow Talk, or, How I dance Solo While Logos Watches from Our Bed, Smoking a Cigarette
Artificial Gut FeelingAnna ZettDivided Publishing LTD  -   13 eurosIf winning can only occur in a competition between equal opponents, someone who isn’t equal will need to adopt a different strategy and let go of the promise, or the curse, of victory. Anna Zett takes up the challenge in this collection of personal science fiction, registering the traces systems of power leave in the body, in its locomotory, nerv (...)
MercuryAriana ReinesFence Books  -   16 eurosComposed in the direct, accessible, consciousness-piercing style readers of Ariana Reines' first two books are wildly enamored of, Mercury comprises a group of long poems. These interlocking works speak to the substance and essence of what is said, transmitted, transacted, "communicated" between persons. Reines proposes that substance and essence a (...)
HeroinesKate ZambrenoSemiotext(e)  -   18 eurosA manifesto for "toxic girls" that reclaims the wives and mistresses of modernism for literature and feminism. On the last day of December, 2009 Kate Zambreno began a blog called Frances Farmer Is My Sister, arising from her obsession with the female modernists and her recent transplantation to Akron, Ohio, where her husband held a university job. (...)
How I Became One of the Invisible David RattraySemiotext(e)  -   18 eurosThe only collection of Rattray's prose: essays that offer a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition. Since its first publication in 1992, David Rattray's How I Became One of the Invisible has functioned as a kind of secret history and guidebook to a poetic and mystical tradition running through Western civilization  (...)
Levitations/New SkinHannah De MeyerSelf-Published  -   15 eurosThis book assembles the scripts of two solo performances levitations (2017) and New Skin (2018). Hannah De Meyer's work connects with the eco-feminist tradition and investigates the connections between femininity, ecology and decolonization. She merges text and movement into a quirky, hybrid theater language. Levitations is an enchanting trip along (...)
Drones and DressesJames WhittinghamOCR  -   10 eurosOutrage and shame propel a young woman into self-exile from her homeland to fight alongside the resistance movement of a neighbouring country, colonised and humiliated by her people for too long. She marries a local – a marriage of convenience – and together they hatch a plot, and a war machine, which they hope will overthrow the colonial oppre (...)
Another Gaze Journal 03Daniella Shreir (ed.)Another Gaze Journal  -   12 eurosIncluding essays about Barbara Hammer, Agnès Varda, Camille Billops, Jane Arden, Penny Slinger, Ana Mendieta, Hito Steyerl, Mati Diop, Catherine Breillat, Carol Morley, Ulrike Ottinger, Charlotte Prodger, Charlotte Pryce, Rosalind Nashashibi & Lucy Skaer, Gloria Camiruaga, Margarethe von Trotta, Astra Taylor, Lina Wertmüller, and more.
Another Gaze Journal 02Daniella Shreir (ed.)Another Gaze Journal  -   12 eurosIncluding essays about Lucrecia Martel, Alice Rohrwacher, Cecilia Mangini, Chantal Akerman, Mika Rottenberg, Anocha Suwichakornpong, Agnès Varda, Barbara Hammer, Laida Lertxundi.
Another Gaze Journal 01Daniella Shreir (ed.)Another Gaze Journal  -   10 eurosThe first issue contains interviews with women including Carolee Schneemann, Mania Akbari, Laura Mulvey, Alice Diop, Bette Gordon, and Lis Rhodes. It contains pieces on the films of women including Kathleen Collins, Sally Potter, Chantal Akerman, Moyra Davey, Camille Henrot, Naomi Kawase, Germaine Dulac, Alice Guy-Blaché.
In the Stomach of the PredatorsAlice Creischersaxpublishers  -   22 eurosA selection of 22 texts that were written between 1989-2019 that problematize Creischer's constant struggle for a vocabulary to analyze and criticize, to comment and intervene in the social fabric she finds herself surrounded by. Rather than neatly discriminating between form and content, between emancipation and information, Creischer's lessons su (...)
Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine Mette Edvardsen, Kristien Van den Brande, Victoria Pérez RoyMousse Publishing  -   22 eurosA book on reading, writing, memory and forgetting in a library of living books. Contributions by: Mette Edvardsen, Kristien Van Den Brande, Johan Sonnenschein, Bruno De Wachter, Lizzie Thompson, Sébastien Hendrickx, Victoria Pérez Royo, Jon Refsdal Moe, Bojana Cvejić, Melanie Fieldseth, Jeroen Peeters, Lara Khalidi, Emiliano Battista, Thomaz Bî (...)
Clairvoyant Journal 1974Hannah Weinerfuture  -   15 eurosClairvoyant Journal 1974 by Hannah Weiner (1928-1997) is based on the typescripts Early and Clairvoyant Journals and includes the entries dated February 23 to June 10. This new edition of Clairvoyant Journal features an “Afterword” by Patrick Durgin, dealing with Hannah Weiner’s “clair-style” writing. With Clairvoyant Journal, Hannah Wein (...)
RetrospectiveAlberto García del Castillo Shelter Press  -   10 eurosRetrospective is a comedy-science-fiction novelette about “faggotry” and the art world; depicting a retour-au-passé in contemporary painting and waving to some of the most beautiful homosexuals on Earth. Flaunting otherness, the alert reader can follow a clerk of The Land of Sculptures whilst he encounters the pretty faces of The Painter, The  (...)
Le LargeJulie BeaufilsAfter 8 Books  -   12 eurosThis light, pocketbook format publication by After 8 Books gathers works by French artist Julie Beaufils, and three short stories commissioned for the occasion, dealing altogether with social tensions and emotional explosions.
The ink drawings by Julie Beaufils that form the core of the book, follow a logic of editing, accumulation and narrativ (...)
Fade the LureDena YagoAfter 8 Books  -   15 eurosFade the Lure is a collection of poems and photographs created between 2014 and 2017, during Dena Yago’s experience working and living alongside emotional support dogs in Los Angeles. In Yago’s words, poetry is sometimes “a form of communication created out of the desire to avoid, and an inability to engage in other forms of direct communicat (...)
NIGHTNIGHTAïda BruyèreSelf-Published  -   30 eurosIn collaboration with Laurent Poleo-Garnier, NIGHTNIGHT is an archive of images and texts from different sources addressing the theme of the night. Over the book as a party that degenerates with fatigue, alcohol and other stimulants, images and layout deteriorate, the subjects get tired, the vision is cloudy...
NailsAïda BruyèreSelf-Published  -   15 eurosNails is an archive of images of hundreds of manicure tutorials on youtube. "I wanted to bring out the strangeness that emerges from these claws metallized, both prosthetic and disabling, both objects of desire and disgust. Throughout the book, we find ourselves lost in piles of flesh, varnish that establish the uncomfortable as much by the sexual  (...)
The UndyingAnne BoyerFSG Books  -   26 eurosA week after her forty-first birthday, the acclaimed poet Anne Boyer was diagnosed with highly aggressive triple-negative breast cancer. For a single mother living paycheck to paycheck who had always been the caregiver rather than the one needing care, the catastrophic illness was both a crisis and an initiation into new ideas about mortality and t (...)
NXS #4 Algorithmic AnxietyNXS (ed.)NXS World  -   18 eurosNXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety explores the spectrum of algorithmic authority over our lives (whether perceived or not). The contributors question or reveal the inconspicuous influence of algorithms, in their various forms, on our behavioral patterns, emotions, and self perceptions of our position in the world.

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