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1 week ago
Vava Dudu with Geo Wyeth, Alberto García del Castillo, and Marnie Slater

We are thrilled to release this conversation with Vava Dudu, Alberto García del Castillo and Geo Wyeth, hosted by Marnie Slater. The conversation centers around the publication of the first anthology of poetry by fashion designer, musician, painter, and Paris icon Vava Dudu, published by Tabloid Press. Vava’s poems are culled from language she prints and publishes on garments, as well as song lyrics from her electro-punk band La Chatte.
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2 weeks ago
The Bat, Bad Mood and Autodomestication with Krõõt Juurak and Galerie

Krõõt Juurak and Galerie (Adriano Wilfert Jensen & Simon Asencio) discuss her newly published monograph Animal, Family, Bad Mood Audience and Sleeping Bad Mood. The conversation provides an insight into Juurak’s singular body of work including Bad Mood, Autodomestication, Performances for Pets and Scripted Smalltalk.
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