The Subtle Rules The Dense
Phoebe Colllings-James
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Moulded from clay, between 2021 and 2023, The subtle rules the dense is a series of ceramic chest plates, by the artist Phoebe Collings-James. Inspired by Makonde and Yoruba body masks and Roman muscle cuirasses, the sculptures explore the interplay between ritualistic objects’ violent histories and their contemporary presentation as fetishistic ornaments. This publication brings together responses to the series from artists SERAFINE1369 and Rehana Zaman and geographer Professor Kathryn Yusoff; exploring layered references to tarot, Shakespeare and post-colonial theory; probing the materiality and extractive politics of geology; and reflecting the plural multifaceted nature of Collings-James’ practice.

A series by Phoebe Collings-James

With Texts by Serafine1369, Rehana Zaman, Kathryn Yussof.

Fake Calligraphy
Ada Van Hoorebeke, Maartje Fliervoet & manoeuvre
Bom Dia Books - 19.00€ -  out of stock

Fake Calligraphy is a mobile sculpture consisting of a simple set of metal frames, batik, and tools that are used in repeated collective performances. The sculpture serves as a workshop where patterns based on pseudo-writing are collectively produced. The publication documents a joint making process along with some of the techniques that are applied here, such as dyeing with natural dyes and wax batik.

Fake Calligraphy is an ongoing work made by many participants, developed and facilitated by Ada Van Hoorebeke, Maartje Fliervoet, and the artistic platform manoeuvre. Amongst other places Fake Calligraphy was performed and shown at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, Kunsthal Gent, (Ghent) and at homes and studio’s of contributors in Ghent, Serekunda, Brussels, The Netherlands, and Berlin.

The Letters of Rosemary & Bernadette Mayer, 1976-1980
Rosemary & Bernadette Mayer
Swiss Institute - 25.00€ -  out of stock

This collection of the correspondence between artist Rosemary Mayer (1943-2014) and poet Bernadette Mayer (born 1945) occurs between the years of 1976 and 1980, a period of rich creativity in New York's artistic avant-garde, and one which includes the development of major bodies of work by the two women.

Rosemary Mayer was creating sculptures, watercolors, books and temporary monuments from weather balloons and snow, while Bernadette Mayer was working on some of her best-known publications, including the book-length poem Midwinter Day and the poetry collection The Golden Book of Words.

Spanning the worlds of Conceptual art, Postminimalism, feminism, the New York School, Language poetry and more, these letters elucidate the bonds of sisterhood through intimate exchanges about art, relationships and everyday life.

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