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Sonsbeck20→24 – Force Times Distance – On Labour (reader)
Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (ed.)
Archive Books - 15.00€ -

This reader is a culmination of direct and tangential deliberations on notions of labour, appreciated across geographies and mediums. Newly commissioned textual manifestations in a multilogue with historical positions.

The reader could be perceived as a negotiation of positions, as the strive towards utterances, towards becoming. Each text could be imagined as a stanza in a song. This is also a strive towards musicality. Or at least a wish for this reader to be a choir, in which we collectively sing, in which we all listen to each other to be able to sing, but most importantly, in which we afford ourselves the privilege of 'hearing the eloquence of silence', 'seeing the inner vision beneath the closed eyes' and 'listening to the chastity of inner music that defies betrayal by the wayward wind.'

Edited by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikungwith Antonia Alampi, Amal Alhaag, Zippora Elders, Krista Jantowski, Aude Christel Mgba.

Contributions by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Panashe Chigumadzi, Maurizio Lazzarato, Danielle Child, Anne Moraa, Philomena Essed, Djuwa Mroivili, Anivia Beylard, Jana Keijdener, Iheb Guermazi, Alia Mossallam, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Simone Atangana Bekono, Lionel Manga, Kodwo Eshun, Amal Alhaag, Precious Colette Kemigisha, Guy Ossito Midiohouan, Akila Richards, Mwazulu Diyabanza, Ibrahim Cissé, Léon-Gontran Damas

Graphic design: Leon Lukas Plum / Werkplaats Typografie.

Published in August 2021
Bilingual edition (English / Dutch)

Last Utopia
Persis Bekkering
Jan Van Eyck Academie - 15.00€ -

The bilingual book (NL-EN) contains one chapter of her recent novel Exces (Prometheus, 2021), which she has been working on during her stay at the academy. Set in the rave scene of 90s' Berlin, Last Utopia sketches the emotional landscape of an era that was supposed to be liberated, a time when the future was ostentatiously hailed. Yet in between the markers of optimism and progress, the first cracks announcing the permanent crises of today are revealed. Understanding techno as narrative device, this short novella - which can be read independently from the novel - traces echoes of utopian imaginary. 

Persis Bekkering is a sophisticated maker of scenes, her prose is strongly physical and immersive. In her work, human relations are scrutinized and exposed in its ambiguity. In 2018 she published her first novel, Een heldenleven (Life of a Hero) with Prometheus, which was shortlisted for the ANV Debut Prize. She writes essays, art - and literary criticism and columns, for Mister Motley, NRC Handelsblad and other publications. An excerpt of Last Utopia was used as libretto for Stine Janvin and Ula Sickle's concert performance Echoic Choir, which premiered at the Wiener Festwochen. 

bewegen - schrijven
Toine Hovers
Self-Published - 25.00€ -

A collection of brief descriptions of Toine's movement performances- and installations since 1979. The book, that started four years ago as a possible form in which Toine's ephemeral works could live on, gradually developed into a writing project about movement and the imaginative power of language.

Each of the 120 selected works has been translated in the most concise way into words and sentences.

Because of the possible role that the book could play in the discussion about conserving and documenting volatile works of art, Toine included related texts by other writers who directly or indirectly responded  to my writing: Marcus Bergner  Hannes Böhringer  Florian Cramer  Jan Van Den  Dobbelsteen  Nell Donkers  Tim Etchells  Ger Groot  Geert Koevoets Thomas Körtvelyessy  Dom H. van der Laan  Dick Raaijmakers  Jan Laurens Siesling  Sandra Smets  Hans Stevens  ieke Trinks  Samuel Vriezen  Ciel Werts - Emilie Gallier
Editing and text advice   Kathrin Wolkowicz  Dick van Teylingen

translations:  Simon Benson  Maaike Trimbach  Samuel Vriezen  Helen Adkins  Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei

Dutch version

graphic design: Koos Siep
Edition: 2 x 250 copies
Number of pages: 192 

Being Imposed Upon
Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk (eds)
Onomatopee - 17.00€ -  out of stock

Being is een tijdloze liefdesbrief en handleiding van en voor zwarte vrouwen. Dit boek is een collectie van reflecties over vrouw- én zwart-zijn in België. In de twee landstalen Nederlands en Frans verenigen wij, zwarte vrouwen, non-fictie essays, literaire beschouwingen, poëzie, activistische en academische teksten rond onze zoektocht naar vrijheid. Dit boek is een eerbetoon aan onze ouderen, onze heldinnen en onze zusters.


Nous sommes des Femmes Noires, poétesses, militantes, universitaires, littéraires et essayistes engagées dans des causes afroféministes, antiracistes et décoloniales.

Nous sommes ces Afro-belges néerlandophones et francophones indignées par des siècles d’esclavages coloniaux, de violences et de discriminations raciales.

Nous sommes ces Afrodescendantes qui marquent ici le refus des diverses formes d'impositions qu’elles subissent structurellement et quotidiennement.

Nous sommes ces Femmes aux identités Tierces que l’on oppresse et qui pourtant, à l’aune de l’érosion du pouvoir des bourreaux sur nos corps, nos âmes et nos esprits, réfléchissent à leur condition et travaillent à leur empowerment.

Nous sommes ces Africaines stigmatisées, invitées à rejeter nos origines et qui pourtant vous livrent ici une lettre d’amour intemporelle à toutes les Femmes Noires, à celles qui ont peur et celles luttent.

Nous sommes ces immortelles qui rendront hommage à nos aînées, nos héroïnes, à notre filiation de Résistances. Ce manuel d’émancipation trace les chemins de notre liberté et de notre résilience ; par nous, pour nous !

Impose our freedom.

- Mireille-Tsheusi Robert


Joëlle Sambi Nzeba, Olave Nduwanje, Emmanuelle Nsunda, Sabrine Ingabire, Aline Bosuma W’Okungu Bakili, Heleen Debeuckelaere, Mireille-Tsheusi Robert, Munganyende Hélène Christelle, Modi Ntambwe, Emma-Lee Amponsah, Djia Mambu, Shari Aku Legbedje & Anissa Boujdaini, Gia Abrassart, Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, Lisette Ma Neza
Vrouwelijke Geesten
Mona Kareem
Publication Studio Rotterdam - 8.00€ -

Femme Ghosts is the result of Mona Kareem’s residency at Poetry International 2019, published in collaboration with Publication Studio Rotterdam. In this series of eight poems, Kareem continues her echoing of women’s voices—the pirate women, busy with their dreams, dwelling on future pasts, indulging in their loneliness. Femme Ghosts is double-direction bound trilingual publication, and includes Kareem’s poetry in Arabic, English and Dutch. 

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