Mycoscores / Choreospores
Maija Hirvanen
Self-Published - 27.00€ -

Mycoscores / Choreospores is a set of artistic scores for exploring the connections between fungal and human ways of being, particularly through movement and dance. The scores propose starting points for dancing, weaving together social connections, composing and exploring performativity.

The publication consists of 31 cards, each presenting a single score, a booklet with a text entitled Fungi Feel, the introduction, instructions, a glossary and additional short text entries accompanying the scores.

Scores, writing and concept by Maija Hirvanen
Graphic design: Arja Karhumaa
Publisher: Friends of Physical Contemporary Art, in the frame of Performing Portals project. In collaboration with DAS Research/DAS Publishing, Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam. Published Jan. 2024


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