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Inventer l'école, penser la co-création
Marie Preston
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A publication by artist and teacher-researcher Marie Preston on the alternative pedagogies developed in France during the 1970s-1990s in "open" schools working on the question of the relationship between co-creation and co-education.

The teaching teams at the heart of this book were convinced that, in order to break social reproduction, the school system was in dire need of transformation and they did it! The experiences discussed in this book constitute a truly fertile ground in terms of educational, relational and institutional inventions, and we have much to learn from them today. This is particularly true of cooperative and co-creative artistic practices which convey a true desire for and ways to implement social transformation, joint management, the emergence of collective creation and commons.

The work is built up around a back and forth between interviews and accounts from the participants of this story and contextual and analytical elements opening on co-creative artistic practices.

This book gathers an interview with Jean Foucambert, a discussion with Rolande and Raymond Millot (École Vitruve, Paris and La Villeneuve neighbourhood, Grenoble) and an unpublished text by André Virengue who was the headteacher of the Jacques-Prévert school in Villeneuve d'Ascq for over 20 years. A significant part of this work is dedicated to iconography, a crucial component of research as it enables the discovery of students' realisations as well as the publishing of school newspapers and other print works.

The Essayer
Alexandru Balgiu; Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey (eds.)
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An editoeducational project by Ensba Lyon, Ravisius Textor, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & The Serving Library, & 019 Ghent.

In October 2020, the pedagogy-oriented gallery-bookshop-workshop Ravisius Textor is ready to welcome the Serving Library Collection in his walls. A collection of originals related to the « image in the age of mechanical reproduction » published in the periodic Dot Dot Dot and its sequel in the digital age The Bulletins of The Serving Library. An eclectic collection gathered over the course of time almost by chance and not without some casualness, but with the requirements of a projet capable of federating the research of graphic or type designers, academics, authors, international critics among the most refreshing and innovative of our time. 
The installation of the collection must come with a pedagogical activation, with the meeting between the periodical's most recent editors, Stuart et Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, and the graphic design's bachelor students of Ensba Lyon, accompanied by Alexandru Balgiu. But what we now call Covid 19's first wave swept across Europe in September with all the consequences we know. Borders closures, confinements, curfews. In November this installation is postponed to an unknown date. From then on, everything is tried so this seminar is held via the networks. Regular videoconferences are set up by Alex Balgiu between Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey and the students from Lyon. The progress of the student's work is regularly relayed on Ravisius Textor's Instagram account. 

This book is in a way the sum, the relay and the memory of the students' reading work of the Bulletins of the Serving Library, made in this curious pedagogical place which is experimented then: the screen, the phone, the videoconferences and the social networks. A distance and an intensity, a freedom, a solidarity, an urgency, all particular.

Texts by Victoire Bondoux, Pauline Bourdet, Valérian Charmasson, Marie-Lou Debize, Martin Dolce, Étienne Duval, Louis Hoch, Ewen Guehenneux, Oriane Lambert, Églantine Marcel, Mélanie Piat, Juliette Oudot, Mathilde Robert.

In These Worried Puddles / Dans ces flaques inquiètes
Laure Vigna
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This bilingual edition in two booklets (French/English) brings together short texts and narratives by Laure Vigna, accompanied by notes from news media and scientific articles. Several narrators, with more or less abstract identities alternately representing materials, sculptural forms, or the author, seem to speak under the effect of their emotional states.

Sharing the same spaces of action and words, they merge throughout the text, forming only one physical body at the end. In a collaborative effort between Laure Vigna and graphic designer Roxanne Maillet, the publication reveals research conducted on typography and letters as body, receptacles, and spaces.

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