by Ban Lon Vagina Talks

Chi Ban Lon: Queer & Sexuality Lexicon
Dinh Thi Nhung (ed.)
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Chỉ Bàn Lộn is a collection of Vietnamese queer and sexuality slang collected by artist ĐINH Thị Nhung and translated into English while working with Tường Vy and other participants of the Bàn Lộn-Vagina Talks project.

Born in Saigon in the mid-1980s, Tường Vy is a transgender queer who has been subject to a great deal of harassment, especially by the police during gatherings around public gardens. She and her friends’ experiences have led to a rich vocabulary to discuss sensitive topics related to their ‘professions’, preferences, and sex life. The main part of the Chỉ Bàn Lộn lexicon, ‘Saigonese pede 8x’, is related to their creation of linguistic safe spaces, and the rest of the publication outlines different ways to indicate parts of the body and how to talk about sex in the contemporary Vietnamese context.

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