Sun 25 February 2024 (15:00)

[Launch] Oostende, with Martín Zícari

Join us for the launch of Oostende, a new book moving between poetry, diary and novel by Martín Zícari, published in Spanish by Poesía Paripé. For the launch Martín will read newly translated excerpts in English alongside selected excerpts in Spanish.

15:00 - 15:45 Presentation and readings

Find the book here:

About Oostende
Oostende is a book about displacement and the sometimes-overwhelming internal monologue we live with. In between poetry, diary and novel, the book reflects on Zicari’s life in Buenos Aires and Belgium, as he navigates work fragility, friendship, sex and love, migration and the fiction laying behind everyday actions and life changing decisions.

Zícari's portrayal of his private life is far from the domain of the concrete, instead he ventures into the uncontrollable production of fantasies that sustain his inner discourse. It is around this dichotomy between the real and the imaginary, the tension between the experienced and the illusion, that Martín Zícari builds a book sustained in orality and proximity.

About Martín Zícari
Martín Zícari, PhD, is a writer and producer based in Brussels. He has published poetry collections such as "Oostende" (Paripé Books, Madrid, 2023), "Del Príncipe Azul al Hombre Invisible en una Semana" (Editorial Municipal de Rosario, Argentina, 2018), and "Pequellpu" (LUMA Foundation, Switzerland, 2015), as well as the short novel "Scalabritney" (Entropia, Argentina, 2014), among others. His research has been featured in scientific journals such as Performance Research, Memory Studies, and the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies.

Zícari works as a producer in performing arts for Hiros and Batard Festival, and he curates a performance cycle for Horst Club, as well as events and exhibitions in the USA with the collective The Space Where Clouds Are Formed.

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