Les déserteuses
Johana Blanc
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The first novel by Swiss artist and writer Johana Blanc: haunted by woman figures having voluntarily ended their artistic career in the early 70', and fascinated by their radicality, a young artist asks herself how to carry on with her artistic practice without betraying her idols. Over the course of one evening, during which she attends a series of openings, the story follows her attempt to find her position among a fantasized art world, caught between a paradoxical reality and thwarted ambitions.

Johana Blanc (born 1990 in Paris), a graduate of the Head in Geneva, directs several micro-publishing projects such as the magazine Escalier and Éditions Cacahuète. Her artistic practices include installation and performance art. She also writes and has published several texts, whether collaboratively or not (Wages For Wages Against, Woman Cave).


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