I'm in the bath on all fours
Kris Lock & George Harding (eds.)
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‘I’m in the bath on all fours, toward blue water (my nose is bleeding), I’m an ephemeral bubble of time waiting to be popped’ is an experimental archive of exhibition and performance documentation, seminar transcripts and (visual) essays from Well Projects 2019 programme of the same name.

Across three phases, IITBOAF,TBW(MNIB),IAEBOTWTBP invited pairs of artists and academics to collaborate and expand on notions of the sub-aqueous, engaging with the nature of water, embodied experiences and the deep dark in relation to community and commonality.


Flora Parrott, Lindiwe Matshikiza, Harriet Hawkins, Lucy Mercer, Amy Pettifer & Jennifer Boyd (SHELL LIKE) Madeleine Stack, Leyla Pillai, Alex Borkowski, Hannah Rowan, Rachel Squire, Rikke Berg Jensen, Korallia Stergides & Raphael Schulenburg.

I’m in the bath... programme was curated by Kris Lock & George Harding with support from Flora Parrott


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