Fri 28 May 2021 (20:00)

XENOTOPIA by Quanta Qualia XENOTOPIA by Quanta Qualia

“It’s hard to get lost. It’s so hard that I’ll probably quickly figure out some way to find myself. Even if finding myself is once again my vital lie.” (Clarice Lispector)

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Join us a screening of XENOTOPIA, a webinar-performance by Quanta Quallia on Friday the 28th of May. The screening will be followed by a Q&A, AND a live dj-set by Personal Music Assistants (Ernesto Gonzales & Tomàs Dittborn).

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Lispector notices how we conceive of ourselves in (pre-) fabricated ways. She fosters the desire for disruption of the constructed story and identity that form our homeness and safety. Unknowing as the negative of knowledge then becomes the desired mode of attention. In the breaking with models that pretend to grasp and make up reality, there is an opening up to new possibilities for new stories to emerge. XENOTOPIA is a tribute to this deepening of the mystery. To the X that haunts us from within as an impossible horizon, obscured and reflective like a black mirror. 

Quanta Qualia stages their fascination for the weird and wondrous. As the hosts of this webinar they read and weave together fragments from theory, fiction and poetry. All of which explore that which lies beyond common perception, cognition and experience, like Clarice Lispector's chasing of the formless or Henri Michaux's writing on mescaline. The set they created for the occasion serves as the shiny crack by which enter these ungrounding perceptions of the strange Outside.

Tomàs Dittborn (CL - artist - musician - musicophile) & Siet Raeymaekers (BE - performer - visual artist) co-run Nonlocal Research label for adventurous music, with monthly programs on Kiosk Radio and Lyl Radio. As the artistic duo Quanta Qualia they bring site-specific performances and visual interventions. Recently their EP -Exotic States of Matter- came out on KRUT.   Each and all of their projects aim to express the alienness of life on earth in ever humble ways.

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For the occasion of this event, items from the Nonlocal Research catalogue will be available at rile*. As well as a selection of books featured in XENOTOPIA.

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