Sun 05 March 2023 (15:00-16:00)

[Reading] 'Catalog' by Lieven Lahaye

Join us for a reading by Lieven Lahaye from a sub-series of ‘Catalog’. The publication explores the invisibility of information through phenomena such as exposure (to light and wear), bleaching, vesseling, the Trümmerfrau legend, notes, annotations and the work of writer Duncan Smith. This sub-series is a book published signature by signature, chapter by chapter. Each issue of the publication stems from the conversations and events unfolded by the previous issue, and leads on to the next and the next, and the next.

About Catalog
'Catalog' is a serial publication about cataloging, written by Lieven Lahaye and designed by Ott Metusala.

Catalog #22 ‘Beard. Man. Jug. Rubble. Woman. Vessel’ (in collaboration with Kasia Fudakowski)
Catalog #21 ‘Impressed’
Catalog #20 ‘Hard Sun’
Catalog #19 ‘Shimmer, Slice, Accretion’ (in collaboration with Anu Vahtra)
Catalog #17 ‘Introduction’ (in collaboration with Joke Robaard)
Catalog #16 ‘Annotations’

About the artists
Lahaye (1985, Belgium) is an artist and publisher, interested in the value of ephemeral information and amateur practices. He produces printed matter, texts, objects and performances with the aim of cataloging, reactivating, highlighting and sharing information. He’s currently an artist-in-residence at WIELS, Brussels.

Ott Metusala (1988, Estonia) is a graphic designer with a focus on typography, book design and publishing. In addition to various self-initiated and commissioned projects, he is also co-managing the Bookbinding Workshop at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

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