Sun 03 March 2024 (17:00)

[Launch] mnemotope 003 with bog bodies press

Join us for to the launch of mnemotope issue 003 by bog bodies press. mnemotope is a community magazine that collects various kinds of literature within its pages: poems, recipes, short stories, essays. For the launch the editors Lilou Angelrath and Reitlin O'hagan, will present the new issue and host an open-mic style participatory reading of their new issue.

17:00 - 19:00 (afternoon vibes)

About mnemotope
A mnemotope is a term from archaeological research. It describes a thing that compresses a viewer’s experience of time; allowing one to be simultaneously in the time in which the object came to be, at the site when it was excavated and in the museum looking at it. mnemotope magazine takes that as its inspiration. The magazine acts as a place in which stories from across timelines and borders can sit together and distinct cultural memories can interact. It exists to create and hold the expression and knowledge of its diverse community, and because of this, the contents of the magazine are wonderfully varied; some confessional poetry, some hastily notated recipes, some fiction, some history, lots of other things, almost all submitted via an open call. 

Find the previous issues here on our website.

About bog bodies press
bog bodies press is a publishing house currently based in Eindhoven, with the desire to create and foster knowledge and exchange in much the same way the bog does: holding people and artefacts that may historically have been sidelined, encouraging them to exist over and in a multitude of timelines and tending to them gently so that they can change and reform with their core still intact. In their publishing practice they want to crave out a space for different kinds of publishing, working with transcribed audio, translation and writing in all of its forms, while centering the voices often excluded from publishing, not pretending to be all-knowing, working with and for their community and collecting small moments that may otherwise have been forgotten.

More about bog bodies press here.

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