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Robida 9
Robida (eds.)
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Robida is a situated, multilingual cultural magazine published by Robida collective. Each issue explores a topic connected and generated by Topolò/Topolove, the village on the border between Italy and Slovenia where the collective is based.

The chosen topic is thrown into the world and interpreted by people who have never been to Topolò. What people send back after the open call is not only a contribution to the exploration of a defined theme but also a new interpretational tool to explore the collective’s relation to Topolò.

The ninth issue of Robida magazine digs into soil, dirt, mud, earth, ground and compost, which are interpreted through six categories, each proposed by one editor of the magazine: symbolic, feminist, theoretical, dwelling, contaminated and tactile soils.


Adriana Gallo, Alecio Ferrari, Aljaž Škrlep, Anaïs Tondeur, Angela Serino, Anna Lina Litz, antonisotzu, Antônio Frederico Lasalvia, Beatrice Zerbato, Benedetta Ciappini, Chiara Alexandra Young, Chiara Caredda, Diego García, Donatella Livigni, Dora Ciccone, Eduardo Makoszay Mayén, Eleanor White, Elena Ferrari, Elena Rucli, Emily Priest, Emmanuel Álvarez Sánchez , FAHR 021.3, Federico Bardelli, Federico Broggini, Francesca Lucchitta, Georgina Pantazopoulou, Germain Meulemans, Gijs de Boer, Giorgia Maurovich, Giulia Pompilj, Greta Biondi, Hannah Segerkrantz, How Melnyczuk, Jack Bardwell, Janja Šušnjar, jean ni, Laura Savina, Luca Scandurra, Lucia Fontanelli, Marianna Maruyama, Margherita Issori, masharu, Michael Marder, Naomi Oke, Ola Korbańska, Petra Filagrana, René Nissen, Rūta Žemčugovaitė, Silvia Marchese, Sofia Salvatori, Sasha van Aalst, Stefan Breit, Steffie de Gaetano, Stephanie Newcomb, Tina Alise Drupa, Toni Wagner, Tymon Hogenelst, Vida Rucli, Vittoria Rubini, Yiannis I. Andronikidis, Yvonne Billimore, Zuzanna Skurka.

Robida magazine n. 8 — Isola Otok Island
Associazione Robida - 25.00€ -  out of stock

Robida 8 is imagined and organised as a journey, that can explore aspects of island life along a narrative thread, as if developing the structure of an epic voyage: from the Embarkation – where introductory perspectives on islands are offered –, then into the Departure – which considers the islands from afar, as conceptual entities –, through the Tempest – representative of the turmoils and movement that island stand for –, passing from the Strandedness – where the island coincides with stillness –, to finally approach the Homecoming, and the island as repository of collective as well as personal memory. The aim is for this journey to enrich our understanding of islands, as fertile ground for exploring what it means to inhabit a place.

Robida is a multilingual cultural magazine. It is published yearly by the association Robida which is based in Topolò, a village of twenty inhabitants on the border between Italy and Slovenia. The magazine explores different topics – such as abandonment, silence, the relation between domesticity and wildness, forest etc. – which are connected to the place where the magazine comes to life, namely Topolò. The eight issue reflects on the island which is explored through essays, photography, art projects, academic texts, interviews and personal written by authors from all over the world, from Argentina to Poland, from US to Slovenia.

Trilingual edition: Italian / Slovenian / English 

Editorial board: Dora Ciccone, Maria Moschioni, Elena Rucli, Vida Rucli, Laura Savina, Aljaž Škrlep, Janja Šušnjar.

Contributors: Adele Dipasquale and Cristina Lavosi, Adriana Gallo, Agnieszka Dragon, Ajda Bračič, Alessandro Simone and Francesca Cassi, Alice Pedroletti and Alessandra Saviotti, Ana Escariz Péres, Anna Bierler, Anne Kathrin Müller, Antônio Frederico Lasalvia, Brechje Krah, Camilla Isola, Camilla Marrese and Gabriele Chiapparini, Chiara Alexandra Young, Chiara Dorbolò, Constanze Flamme, Deborah Mora, Dora Ciccone, Elena Rucli, Federica Carlotta Lai, Gabriele Zagaglia and Fernanda Villari, Giacomo Bianco, Giampaolo De Pietro, Giuditta Trani, Greta Biondi and Vittoria Rubini, Guglielmo Giomi, Haydée Touitou, Igor Martinig, Kaja Rakušček, Katrina Pelikan Bašelj, Laura Savina, Léna Lewis-King, Livia Galtieri, Ludivine Gragy, Ludovica Battista, make LARMO, Mara-Luna Brandt Corstius, Marcos Beccari, Margherita Falqui, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Marie Kerkeling, Marta Marini and Cecilia Bima, Marta Marini and Francesca Matracchi, Mauro Tosarelli, Melissa Carnemolla, Mercedes Villalba, Ola Korbańska, Olya Korsun, Opher Thomson, Rachele Daminelli, Romane Bourgeois, Silvia Sfiligiotti, Siria Falleroni, Stefano Conti, Tanja Marmai, Titta C. Raccagni, Tymon Hogenelst and Jesse van der Ploeg, Valerija Intihar, Vidya Narine, William Belloche.

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