by Elisabeth Molin

COMFORT 7/32/00
Elisabeth Molin
Self-Published - 10.00€ -

The title COMFORT 7/32/00 refers to a note I found on the street one day, that became a portal into a state of mind or a particular time, although the time was out of date or imagined, foating in between past, present and future. The book is a journey through this imagined place, where vision oscillates between perception and mechanics, where objects and materials are in permanent state of melting or intersecting.

Published August 2020.

Elisabeth Molin
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A collection of short poetry; (yet) is journey through everything in between; transit zones, temporary shelters, weightlessness and virtual spaces.

"I came here with the illusion it could be an island, a place I could retreat to, where I could forget myself and cover all the holes from potential air infiltration. And for a while it was possible to look at the world through a plastic sheet, but it became either suffocating or the plastic was too thin. As if shutting myself off from the world made me want to look at it even more."  

Published August 2020

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