by Bella Marrin (ed.)

Fieldnotes: Issue 4
Bella Marrin (ed.)
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The fourth issue of FIELDNOTES contains new work by:

Adeola Titiloye, ajw, Fanny Howe, Will Alexander, Michael O’Mahony, Agnieszka Szczotka, Renee Gladman & Isabel Mallet, Can Xue, Karen Gernant & Chen Zeping, Tony Brooks, Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan, Mat Jenner, Alba Schloessingk, Camille Roy, Pete Segall, Johanna Hedva, Beihua Guo, Cedar Sigo, KP Culver

FIELDNOTES is an artist-run publishing project based in Newham in east London, aiming to promote and support non-conforming creative practices that pioneer new cultural forms.

Fieldnotes Issue 1
Bella Marrin (ed.)
Fieldnotes Journal - 15.00€ -  out of stock

The first issue of Fieldnotes contains work by:

Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart 
Wytske van Keulen 
Zara Joan Miller 
Estelle Hoy 
Rob Halpern 
Ana Vaz & Ben Rivers 
Matthias Connor 
Wythe Marschall 
Sarah Mangold 
Patrick Keiller 
Helen Marten 
Lulu Wolf 
Emily Hunt Kivel 
Amparo Dávila trans. Audrey Harris & Matthew Gleeson 
Ulrike Almut Sandig trans. Karen Leeder 
Malcolm Bradley & Juliette Pépin 
David Manley 
Eloise Lawson

Fieldnotes - Issue nr. 2
Bella Marrin (ed.)
Fieldnotes Journal - 15.00€ -  out of stock

A quarterly print journal publishing new writing and artworks with a focus on practices that work between disciplines and against type. There is always a third thing between two things that are known; we are interested in whatever there is between translations/transitions, things-in-progress, converging genres, methods of excavation and formal innovation. The purpose of the journal is to provide a test site for ideas and research; a space for experimental modes and new prototypes.

The second issue of Fieldnotes contains new work by:

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Steve Dutton
Liesl Ujvary
Akio Yuguchi
Evan Lavender-Smith
Dodie Bellamy
Paul Maheke & Giles Bailey
Yan Jun
Emily Charlton
Ed Atkins
Sam Buchan-Watts
Elizabeth Price
Mary Mussman
Carolyn Ferrucci
Hanne Lippard
Charlie Godet Thomas
Hannah Regel

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