Ongoing Projects

Mon 26 July until Thu 26 August 2021

Summer Closing Summer Closing

We are closed this summer from the 26th of July until the 26th of August. In August, we will be with some books at the SAAL Biennaal 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia. Maybe see you there! The webshop remains open until the 10th of August, so packages will be sent out until then. Have a beautiful summer. x

Recent Projects

Wed 30 June 2021 (18:00 - 21:00)

Living Contents Living Contents

Welcome to “Living contents”, a set of lectures, publications and performances by students and guests of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar at Erg Brussels.


Sat 26 June until Sun 27 June 2021 (19h - 22h)

If Repeatedly Then Reception If Repeatedly Then Reception

Welcome to rile* for the live reading of If Repeatedly Then Reception, with Bryana Fritz, Quinsy Gario and Stefan Govaart. If Repeatedly Then Reception reads texts repeatedly. More than one, it summons simultaneity and seeks a third sentence. Day one draws together a selection of texts by authors who wrote with devotion unto us the readers. Day two offers devotions the readers wrote themselves.


Sat 12 June 2021 (14h-22h)

[Launch] Family Nexus [Launch] Family Nexus

Welcome for the day-long launch of Family Nexus, a new publication by Sophie Nys, Maud Gourdon, Liene Aerts and Leila Peacock. With presentations on Saturday at 6, 7, 8 and 9pm.


Thu 03 June 2021 (20:00)

XENOTOPIA by Quanta Qualia XENOTOPIA by Quanta Qualia


Welcome to XENOTOPIA, a webinar-performance film by Quanta Qualia (Tomàs Dittborn & Siet Raeymaekers). XENOTOPIA is a tribute to the strange Other, to the shiny crack opening unto the unknown. "There is no inside except as a folding of the outside; the mirror cracks, I am an other, and I always was." (Mark Fisher)


Fri 30 April 2021 19h30-21h00 (CET)

[Book Launch] Ethical Portraits by Hatty Nestor in conversation with Alex Quicho [Book Launch] Ethical Portraits by Hatty Nestor in conversation with Alex Quicho

Join us [online] for the launch of Ethical Portraits, a new publication by Hatty Nestor investigating the representation of the incarcerated in the U.S. criminal justice system. Through interviews, creative non-fiction, and cultural theory, Hatty Nestor deconstructs a range of different prison portraiture, she will be joined in conversation with writer Alex Quicho.


Thu 22 April 2021 17h00

[Launch] rile* books podcast [Launch] rile* books podcast

We're excited to introduce to you our new podcast channel, we'll be featuring new conversations with artists as well as recordings we've made over the past two years of rile* projects. Our first episode launches the book The Bat, Bad Mood and Autodomestication by Krõõt Juurak and Galerie. You can view our podcasts here, or subscribe to rile*, books wherever you listen to podcasts.


Past Projects

Wed 24 February until Wed 12 May 2021

rile* reading groups

rile* is excited to announce a series of monthly online reading groups in 2021. Now more than ever we find it necessary to carve out spaces for exchange; spaces for being and thinking together. Many of us have found reading a vital companion throughout 2020's tumultuous turns, a lifeline perhaps, into worlds different from the ones we find ourselves stuck in. The last Wednesday of each month we invite you to join us at rile* to read together. No preparatory reading is required. We will gather around a text and an invited guest will guide us through the author's work; opening questions for us to delve into together.


Sat 12 December until Sun 13 December 2020 (14:00)

Slow Launch: Time is an Arrow, Error Slow Launch: Time is an Arrow, Error

Welcome for a slow, two-day launch of Time is an Arrow, Error, by Katja Mater. Katja will be joined by Elisabeth Klement on Saturday, designer of the self-published edition. Welcome!

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