Ongoing Projects

Mon 20 December until Wed 26 January 2022

Winter break Winter break

We are taking a break from the 20th of December. We won't be shipping orders during this time, and may respond slowly to emails. We'll reopen on the 27st of January with new books, a winter stock sale, and a new program - see you then!

Recent Projects

Thu 21 October 2021 (19:30)

A Spaceship Moment A Spaceship Moment

Join us for A SPACESHIP MOMENT, a hybrid talk between drama and ISABEL WAIDNER on their latest novel STERLING KARAT GOLD. 


Sat 09 October 2021 (19h00-23h00)

[reading] LES WITTIGS: a collective reading [reading] LES WITTIGS: a collective reading

Join us for a collective reading of Monique Wittig's epic novel Les Guérillères (1969) as a part of the first edition of Lesbiennale, Lesbian* Arts Festival. Together we will read an annotated version of the entire 144 pages of the novel, translated to english in 1971 by David La Vay.


Past Projects

Sat 11 September 2021 (19h30)

[launch] Sisters of the Wind by jujulove [launch] Sisters of the Wind by jujulove

Welcome to the launch of Sisters of the Wind, a publication by Juliette Lizotte and Office of Metaphors, with an interactive audiovisual performance of the world, inspiring potions and mysterious spell books. Sisters of the Wind is the fruit of artistic research on witches, ecofeminism, and science-fiction.


Thu 19 August until Sat 21 August 2021

rile* reading salon at Saal Biennaal rile* reading salon at Saal Biennaal

Over three days in August we installed a reading salon at SAAL Biennaal in Tallinn. Housed in the cellar of Kanuti Gildi Saal visitors were invited to read, converse and hangout in the space. During the opening hours of the reading room/bookshop, we screened “Xenotopia” a newly commised film by Quanta Qualia (Siet Raeymaekers and Tomàs Dittborn). 


Mon 26 July until Fri 27 August 2021

Summer Closing Summer Closing

We are closed this summer from the 26th of July until the 26th of August. In August, we will be with some books at the SAAL Biennaal 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia. Maybe see you there! The webshop will be closed between the 10th and 19th of August, so packages won't be sent out during that period. Have a beautiful summer. x

Wed 30 June 2021 (18:00 - 21:00)

Living Contents Living Contents

Welcome to “Living contents”, a set of lectures, publications and performances by students and guests of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar at Erg Brussels.


Sat 26 June until Sun 27 June 2021 (19h - 22h)

If Repeatedly Then Reception If Repeatedly Then Reception

Welcome to rile* for the live reading of If Repeatedly Then Reception, with Bryana Fritz, Quinsy Gario and Stefan Govaart. If Repeatedly Then Reception reads texts repeatedly. More than one, it summons simultaneity and seeks a third sentence. Day one draws together a selection of texts by authors who wrote with devotion unto us the readers. Day two offers devotions the readers wrote themselves.

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