Upcoming Projects

Wed 24 April 2024 (19:00)

Living Contents #4

Welcome to the fourth iteration of “Living contents”, a set of readings, publications and performances by students and guests of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar at Erg Brussels.


Sat 27 April 2024 (20:00)

[Reading] The Dove's Panic

Join us for The dove's panic, a series of polyphonic readings initiated by Céline Mathieu. With readings by Lucie de Bréchard, Théo Casciani, Hrefna Hörn, Céline Mathieu, Lucy McKenzie and Bernke Klein Zandvoort.


Sun 28 April 2024 (15:00)

[Reading] Mira Mattar

Join us for a reading by writer and poet Mira Mattar. Mira is the author of Yes, I Am A Destroyer (2020), Affiliation (2021), The Bow (2021), and most recently And most of all I would miss the shadows of the tree’s own leaves cast upon its trunk by the orange streetlight in the sweet blue darks of spring (2024). She will read from recent work, as well as from work by other authors.


Ongoing Projects

Sat 16 March until Sun 28 April 2024 (12:00-14:00)

(...) have (...) word  rile* reading group

We are delighted to invite you to join us for (…) have (…) word a bimonthly reading group for word dewellers. We will read from authors who write between linguistic and cultural borders through multilingual, multimodal and multi-vocal poetics. We will attempt to linger in the deformation zones of language: where words become strange, sounds shift away from their signifiers, and meaning begins to warp. We will read poetry, fiction and theory by authors Shahram Khosravi, Theresa Has Kyung Cha, Renée Green, Ahmad Almallah, and Tanya Tag among others. 


Recent Projects

Sat 13 April 2024 (17:00)

[Performance] Time had Girl’s back, with Clara Amaral

Join us for Time had Girl’s back, a performance by Clara Amaral. Time had Girl’s back misdirects readership, just like the magician’s hand that draws the audience's attention to one thing in order to distract from another for which secrecy is required. Girl’s body, whilst seemingly disorganised, casts a spell of resistance, proposing another experience of time.


Sat 06 April 2024 (17:00)

[Launch] Abécédaire d’auto-édition féministe

Bienvenue pour le lancement de l'Abécédaire d'auto-édition féministe, un abécédaire subjectif, joyeux et non exhaustif imaginé par les fondatrices autodidactes du magazine Censored sur l'auto-édition. À l'occasion de ce lancement, les rédactrices présenteront quelques-unes des raisons qui ont motivé la publication de cet abécédaire afin de transmettre leurs connaissances et diffuser plus que jamais des outils pour promouvoir la culture DIY et l'édition féministe.


Sun 24 March 2024 (15:00)

[Readings] DEARS READS

Join us for DEARS READS, an afternoon of performative readings by DEARS magazine, a magazine dedicated to writing practices at the crossroads of art, poetry and experimental writing. For this iteration of DEARS READS the editors invited contributors to the magazine to share their texts and translate words from the page into a sonic exchange with the audience. Language, sound and music will interplay and merge into performative readings.


Sat 16 March 2024 (17:00)

[Performance] Mean Time by Amina Szecsödy

Join us for the performance of Mean Time by Amina Szecsödy. Emerging from the space between the present and it's future, Mean Time is a textual and sonic work that offers a darkly surprising philosophical poetics.


Sun 10 March 2024 (15:00)

[Practice sharing] With eyes closed I see

Join us for “With eyes closed I see”, a sharing of performative reading practices from Glaneuses et Vers Terre (Gleaners and the Worms), a collective research project by Emilie Gallier, Nina Boas, and Nienke Terpsma. They will host a participatory reading session, entering text as a landscape to move within.


Sun 03 March 2024 (17:00)

[Launch] mnemotope 003 with bog bodies press

Join us for to the launch of mnemotope issue 003 by bog bodies press. mnemotope is a community magazine that collects various kinds of literature within its pages: poems, recipes, short stories, essays. For the launch the editors Lilou Angelrath and Reitlin O'hagan, will present the new issue and host an open-mic style participatory reading of their new issue.


Sun 25 February 2024 (15:00)

[Launch] Oostende, with Martín Zícari

Join us for the launch of Oostende, a new book moving between poetry, diary and novel by Martín Zícari, published in Spanish by Poesía Paripé. For the launch Martín will read newly translated excerpts in English alongside selected excerpts in Spanish.


Sun 11 February 2024

For this episode of rile*, books podcast we are excited to release the recording of Ariana's reading at rile*, which took place on October 28 2023. Ariana Reines read from her yet unpublished poetry collection The Rose and from her latest book A Sand Book.

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