Thu 29 June until Sun 09 July 2023

rile* reading room for Feminist Futures Festival

Join us in Kortijk for the rile* reading room hosted as part of Kunstencentrum BUDA's Feminist School at the Almost Summer/Feminist Futures Festival. Come and visit us to browse through our collection of choreographers' books, performative publications and a selection of poetry and fiction. Our reading room opens up practices of reading and questions how different forms of publication ask to be read. 

On the two Saturday's of the festival we have invited two performative publications to be presented during the feminist school. See below for dates, times and further details. 

Simon Asencio: Reading at Random, Or Turning The Page (Or Singing Out of Doors)
Saturday 1 July| 11:00-13:00

communial reading

Simon Asencio creates a four-part score, based on an unfinished essay by Virginia Woolf. Her prose poem Anonoffers the opportunity to transform individual reader’s and author’s authorities into forms of collective ownership. Asencio intertwines passages from the manuscript Anon with citations from modern authors like Octavia Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin. Through reading together, a reading group, a piece without actors, and a live role play come into being.

Amina Szecsödy & Chloe Chignell: Shadow Text
Saturday 8 July | 13:00-14:00


Shadow Text is a choreographic translation of Les Guérillères, a feminist epic novel written by Monique Wittig(1974). Shadow Text seeks to explode the epic novel into the space of a performance. Through sound, text, and movement we transpose the political and aesthetic strategies within Les Guérillères into the realm of choreography, creating a performative installation of reading and listening that investigates methods of collective world making while activating feminist mythologies. 

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[Cover image credit: Centrale Fies, Simon Asencio: Reading at Random Or Turning The Page Or Singing Out of Doors. 2021, Marco P. Valli Andrea Nicotra]

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