Sun 24 March 2024 (15:00)

[Readings] DEARS READS

Join us for DEARS READS, an afternoon of performative readings by DEARS magazine, a magazine dedicated to writing practices at the crossroads of art, poetry and experimental writing. For this iteration of DEARS READS the editors invited contributors to the magazine to share their texts and translate words from the page into a sonic exchange with the audience. Language, sound and music will interplay and merge into performative readings:

A reading by Ines Marita Schärer & Jubeltöne Live Set with Caroline Profanter.

A performative reading by Marianna Maruyama and Hessel Veldman.

Readings of selected texts from the magazines issue no. 1-5 by the editors.

15:00 ~ 17:00, readings and performances

As a magazine dedicated to writing practices at the crossroads of art, poetry and experimental writing, DEARS explores forms of language which open up new ways of living together. It is conceived as a space of manifold dimensions in which a diverse range of voices and perspectives can meet and echo each other. Five print issues have been released since its creation in 2020. Besides its physical format, DEARS has expanded into readings, performances, and audio-pieces presented in various venues and festivals, such as Kunsthalle Basel (Basel), Material (Zurich), Sonic Matter at Last Tango (Zurich), Topic (Geneva), EXC Librairie(Paris).Istituto Svizzero, Milano. Since January 2024, DEARS also hosts the event series dears, write at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich once a month to write in the company of others.

Editors: Nicole Bachmann, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Robert Steinberger
Graphic Design: Guillaume Mojon

About the contributors
Marianna Maruyama is an artist and writer living in The Hague. She works with performance, sculpture, translation, and writing. Within the shared arenas of art and science, her practice often engaes with cultural constructs of identity, nature, and heritage. She is also deeply interested in Rome and its insect life. She has led and contributed to many research projects and collaborations, most often in The Netherlands, Italy and Lithuania. Currently she is involved in a long-term artistic research group at Paleis Het Loo (NL), and will expose new sculptural and performantive work in at the inaugural exhibition of Sapiega Palace (LT) this spring.

Her work has been performed and exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), documenta14 Parliament of Bodies, Kassel (DE), Manifesta 11, Zurich (CH), The Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL), IMPAKT festival, Utrecht (NL) and CAC Vilnius (LT). Selected publications include: Performing Security (The Fifth Season, 2019); Translation as Method (Kunstlicht, 2017), Three Movements (Casco/DAI, 2013), Farocki’s Living Room (Harun Farocki Institut, 2018). Since 2016, she has been active as an artist-researcher at the invitation of the Sedje Hémon Foundation in The Hague. + @thesetwentyoneletters

Hessel Veldman is a veteran of the Dutch musical avant-garde and published several legendary cassettes on his label Exart in the early 80’s. His experimental soundscapes are laced with industrial elements, creating a hypnotic, dark undercurrent of sounds. Besides operating under his moniker Y Create, he was a member of the improvisation group Gorgonzola Legs and kept working intensively with Fluxus artist and Dutch underground cult-figure Willem de Ridder. The home-taping era shaped his free approach to music. His diverse musical practices have been traversing several decades by now and he continues to play music according to his own insights and intuitions. @hessel_veldman

Since 2022, Marianna Maruyama and Hessel Veldman have been collaborating through sound. Initially with a radio piece for Radio WORM, Rotterdam, and most recently a live-to-air performance at the Radiophrenia festival, Glasgow. They are now anticipating the spring release of their first full-length album togther, titled "Salt". The cassette will be designed by PEACH (@peach_wien) in a limited run, along with a special edition of posters.

Ines Marita Schärer (CH) works across poetry, performance, installation, sound art and experimental music. She is concerned with the precarities and vulnerabilities of diverse human and more-than-human beings within predominant power structures and explores voice and words as a means of establishing relationality and re-imagining their conditions and environments. Her practice is informed by the given context, permeable for various forms of knowledge, nourished and driven by thinkers, co-thinkers, collaborators and allies.

Caroline Profanter (IT) is a composer and performer in the fields of electroacoustic and acousmatic music. She works with field recordings, amplified objects, feedback-systems and spatialised sound with the help of computer and analogue devices, collaborating frequently with other artists. The human voice and the interplay with words and text appear as current elements. Lives and works in Brussels and is part of the artistic team of Q-O2 workspace for experimental music and sound art.

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