Wed 24 April 2024 (19:00)

Living Contents #4

Welcome to the fourth iteration of “Living contents”, a set of readings, publications and performances by students and guests of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar at Erg Brussels.

I am just a wrapped pair of socks among other pairs of socks. You know what I mean? Maybe there’s some glimpse of joy in the journey of being a sock, maybe a flowery smell of softener will be enough to cheer me up. For now I am just a rolled piece of frabic looking inside myself very introspectively. But here I am: a wholesome pair of socks. From that perspective, everything seems so clear, yet so dark.

With readings, publications and performances by Mey Semtati, Solène Rigaut, Esther Carlin, Manon Fagot, Jules Baudoin, Arthur Manoukian and Stella Kerdraon.

19:00 ~ 21:00

The event was initiated out of the ReadingListeningSpeaking seminar, taught by Eleanor Ivory Weber as part of the Art Practice, Critical Tools (LIENS) Masters program at Erg, Brussels.

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