Sun 23 April 2023 (15:00-16:00)

[Launch] Can we Rule it Out?

Join us for a presentation of Can we Rule it Out? Collective ideas for keeping sexual abuse out of art spaces, published by Mophradat in 2022.

15:00 - 15:30 Conversation between Mai Abu ElDahab and Marnie Slater

About Can we Rule it Out?
Can we Rule it Out? brings together a collection of texts, reflections, questions, documents, inviting readers, colleagues, and peer organizations to engage in difficult, often fraught, discussions about sexual abuse in art spaces. "We do not want these conversations to always start at zero, as if a lot of work around sexual abuse hasn’t been done already. There is copious activism, scholarship, and creativity on this topic, if one wants to find it. What this publication would like to do is contribute to the work that has already been done and to be a waypost toward what remains to be done."

By Mai Abu ElDahab, Naira Antoun, Habiba Effat et al (Arabic & English).

Find a digital, downloadable version of the publication here.

About Mophradat
Mophradat creates opportunities for artists from the Arab world through an inventive approach to funding, commissioning, collaborating, and gathering.

Find more info about Mophradat here.

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