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4 months ago
Ariana Reines, The Rose, A Sand Book

For this episode of rile*, books podcast we are excited to release the recording of Ariana's reading at rile*, which took place on October 28 2023. Ariana Reines read from her yet unpublished poetry collection The Rose and from her latest book A Sand Book. The reading was accompanied by a conversation with performing artist and writer Stefa Govaart, and a closing q&a with the audience.

Find more information about the book here.

About Ariana Reines
Ariana Reines is an award-winning poet, Obie-winning playwright, performing artist, and translator. Ariana’s books include 'A Sand Book', winner of the 2020 Kingsley Tufts Prize & long-listed for the National Book Award, 'The Cow', winner of the Alberta Prize, 'Coeur De Lion', 'Mercury', and 'The Origin Of The World'. In 2012 she created 'Ancient Evenings', an innovative platform generating creative writing through ancient texts, as well as 'Lazy Eye Haver,' an astrology practice through which she pioneered new forms of arts and consciousness pedagogy. In March 2020, she created Invisible College, a hub for poetry, art, & sacred study online. Recent performance & teaching projects include 'Divine Justice' (2022), a 25-hour durational performance inspired by Medea at Performance Space New York, and 'Gnostic Poetics', a unique seminar/workshop on the Nag Hammadi library held at Scripps College in 2022. Reines has taught at UC Berkeley, Columbia University, Tufts University, and the University of Pittsburgh, among others. She lives in Queens, New York.

About Stefa Govaart
Stefa Govaart works across dance, performance and text. They have worked with and for choreographers and visual artists across Europe, co-organize the artists' gathering Spring Meeting at Performing Arts Forum (St. Erme, FR), and are a founding member of the research group Sex Negativity at the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis. With Marija Cetinić, they are working on an ongoing epistolary project. They teach at P.A.R.T.S., and live in Brussels. 

Edited and mixed by Ros Del Olmo
Intro and outro by Chloe Chignell
Recording by rile* team
Music sample from "Flaxen" by Dean Blunt

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