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Mother Nature is a LesbianBe OakleyGender Fail16 eurosMother Nature is a Lesbian is a type book of poster and prints. The font was made in response to a protest sign used in the New York Chistopher Street Parade in 1974 , in which a sign displaying the handwritten message “Mother Nature is a Lesbian” inspired a typeface created in response to that act of protest. The font derived from the original (...)
Puro SilencioMarcel AlcaláGender Fail24 eurosPuro Silencio is a collection of poems by queer chicanx artist Marcel Alcalá. The publication also features photographs by Marcel Alcalá, Parker Bright, David Josef Tamargo, Birk Høgsted Thomassen & Camille McOuat. This is the first book released by Marcel Alcalá
Blood Marrow Oolong IvoryRin KimGender Fail20 euros"Blood, Marrow, Oolong, Ivory" is a bow. My lips are the arrows. I pour plum wine over paper and lick the pages until I am drunk on the substance. This publication is about sleeping with grief and waking up with pleasure. This publication is an orchid door. This publication is an annihilation of ritual. This publication is an altar. This publicatio (...)
Anthology of FailureBe Oakley (ed)Gender Fail25 eurosGenderFail: An Anthology On Failure is the first in a series of publications that look into various concepts of failure from the perspectives of artists, activists, writers, and curators. The failures discussed in this publication come from various different places - from personal, political, institutional, and collective sources. Each participant  (...)