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The Faggots and Their Friends Between RevolutionsLarry MitchellNightboat Books17 eurosThe Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions is a beloved queer utopian text written by Larry Mitchell with lush illustrations by Ned Asta, published by Calamus Press in 1977. Part-fable, part-manifesto, the book takes place in Ramrod, an empire in decline, and introduces us to the communities of the faggots, the women, the queens, the queer m (...)
Re-Enchanting the WorldSilvia FedericiPM Press20 eurosIn this edited collection of work spanning more than 20 years, Silvia Federici provides a detailed history and critique of the politics of the commons from a feminist perspective. In her clear and combative voice, Federici provides readers with an analysis of some of the key issues in contemporary thinking on this subject. Drawing on rich historica (...)
Evidentiary BodiesBarbara HammerHirmer Verlag30 eurosBringing together both known and previously unseen works of film and video, installations, works on paper, and material from her archive, this volume addresses critical themes that appear throughout Hammer's work, including sensation and intimacy, lesbian representation, and the maintenance of illness, in addition to exploring the artist's relation (...)
Sonic AgencyBrandon LaBelleGoldsmiths Press 30 eurosIn Sonic Agency, Brandon LaBelle sets out to engage contemporary social and political crises by way of sonic thought and imagination. He divides sound's functions into four figures of resistance--the invisible, the overheard, the itinerant, and the weak--and argues for their role in creating alternative "unlikely publics" in which to foster mutuali (...)
QuicksandRobert AshleyBurning Books14 eurosQUICKSAND was written to be an opera libretto. But it was written in the form of a novel....I am devoted to "mystery" stories. I read them one after another, mostly two or three times. Some of the best writers today are writing in this form. So, I thought that I would try to make an opera libretto from a mystery story, told verbatim. That is, the l (...)
RecyclopediaHarryette MullenGraywolf Press18 eurosRecyclopedia shows the extraordinary development of Harryette Mullen's career, in her books Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse & Drudge, all originally published in the 1990s and now available again to new readers. These prose poems and lyrics bring us into collision with the language of fashion and femininity, advertising and the supermarket, the bl (...)
Of Being DispersedSimone WhiteFuturepoem18 euros"I get this pinwheel relationship to wisdom & history when I read Simone White. I'm in her dream, but it's a remarkable solidly packed one informed by the quotidian rarity of for instance a prose disquisition on lotion and skin and haircare especially in winter. Like Dana Ward's, her work sends me searching. Like what part of speech is here. As I'm (...)
Deep ListeningPauline OliverosiUniverse14 eurosDeep Listening is a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros in order to enhance her own as well as other's listening skills. She teaches this practice worldwide in workshops, retreats and in her ground breaking Deep Listening classes at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Mills College. Deep Listening practice is accessible to anyone with an (...)
Same Old (new book)RamsdamRamsdam_books10 eurosSame old (new book), featuring some cut up drawings because sometimes you just gotta. ~6x9cm ~400p , Glued by hand with shiny cover.
This Container (# 7)Chloe Chignell and Maia MeansSelf-Published10 eurosThis Container is an open host for texts and documents that come through and alongside choreographic thinking. It’s a recipe, but not for eating; a sequel to everything up until now; horizontal tourism; many feminists’ elegy; opinions weakened with time; an inaudible lesbian opera; a future ballet manifesto; dances and desires; cheating discip (...)
The PoeticiansPontus PetterssonSelf-Published10 eurosThe Poeticians is a publication of the performance of the collection of clothes and poetry called Writing Wounds To Heal by Swedish choreographer Pontus Pettersson. Made in velvet silk with the poetry burned out in the fabric exposing the texts, the poetry exposes both itself and the skin of the performer. Throughout the durational piece the perfor (...)
The Wind Excorts The SkyPontus PetterssonSelf-Published10 eurosThe Wind Escorts The Sky (Weld 2017) is the second part of Pontus Pettersson’s project Poetic Procedures. The project and performance looks into the relation between dance and poetry and how these practices can unfold in the situation of a dance class and with the case of The wind Escorts The Sky; a stage performance. This is the publication that (...)
Writing Wounds to HealPontus PetterssonSelf-Published12 eurosWriting Wounds to Heal (2015) is a project that uses clothes and photography to express poetry in between the field of clothes, choreography, photography, performance and documentation led by Pontus Pettersson.
Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft ArchitectureLisa RobertsonCoach House Books20 eurosThis delectable book collects the rococo prose of Lisa Robertson. There are essays - many originally published as catalogue texts by art galleries - on the syntax of the suburban home, Vancouver fountains, Value Village, the joy of synthetics, scaffolding and the persistence of the Himalayan blackberry. It makes for one of the most intriguing books (...)
Magenta Soul WhipLisa RobertsonCoach House Books15 eurosLisa Robertson writes poems that mine the past -- its ideas, its personages, its syntax -- to construct a lexicon of the future. Her poems both court and cuckold subjectivity by unmasking its fundament of sex and hesitancy, the coil of doubt in its certitude. Reading her laments and utopias, we realize that language -- whiplike -- casts ahead of it (...)
UnsorceryAlina Popa, Florin FleurasP-U-N-C-H14 eurosUnsorcery composes and explores ways of sorcery that can eventually surpass or undo some of the contemporary realities and subjectivities. It is an Artworld involved in a productive alienation from concepts through experience and from experience through thought. Unsorcery is an environment in which Alina Popa and Florin Flueras were working togethe (...)
Economy as Intimacy (vol.2)Eric PeterSelf-Published8 eurosI I C / The Contract / Ellipsis / Delbaram / Booos / U OK?
Economy as Intimacy (vol.1)Eric PeterSelf-Published8 eurosPublished at the occasion of 'Assemblages of Intimacy' a group exhibition in a Tale of a Taub, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2018.
Mother Nature is a LesbianBe OakleyGender Fail16 eurosMother Nature is a Lesbian is a type book of poster and prints. The font was made in response to a protest sign used in the New York Chistopher Street Parade in 1974 , in which a sign displaying the handwritten message “Mother Nature is a Lesbian” inspired a typeface created in response to that act of protest. The font derived from the original (...)
Puro SilencioMarcel AlcaláGender Fail24 eurosPuro Silencio is a collection of poems by queer chicanx artist Marcel Alcalá. The publication also features photographs by Marcel Alcalá, Parker Bright, David Josef Tamargo, Birk Høgsted Thomassen & Camille McOuat. This is the first book released by Marcel Alcalá
Blood Marrow Oolong IvoryRin KimGender Fail20 euros"Blood, Marrow, Oolong, Ivory" is a bow. My lips are the arrows. I pour plum wine over paper and lick the pages until I am drunk on the substance. This publication is about sleeping with grief and waking up with pleasure. This publication is an orchid door. This publication is an annihilation of ritual. This publication is an altar. This publicatio (...)

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